mike quote

"I'm hung-over like a horse"

collie quote

 'You just want to pet him and hold him and love him...like a real shark"

convo with Collie

me: hanging around till nothing better comes along
him: Emma, it's 'till something better' 
me: somehow nothing still sounded better


The kitchen is the newly renovated apartment shall from now on 
be known as "The Shawshark redemption"

speaking of neighbours

Once upon a time when me and Vinshady were ledgebags and lived on Thomas Street
(and Julia as well for most of it) 
and our neighbours complaining about us being out on the roof cause we were 'walking on his roof' 
which is like, well done. 
You've comprehended the meaning of an apartment. My floor is your roof. 
Glad you worked that out. 


The neighbours aren't happy with the work in the apartment starting at 8 am, because
their kids can't sleep. I'm sorry but what flippin kid sleeps at 8am? (approx 3 - 5 years)
the irony of course is that the neighbours kids usually spend all day screaming, to the point
where anybody who's ever been to my apartment has questioned what the hell goes on 
next door up till 10 pm at night. 
A fucked up sleeping pattern for a 3 year old that's for sure. 

Conspicuous consumption

Somebody I know recently informed me that somebody close to him was
'very into labels' this struck me as very interesting. 
In the way getting a stone repeatedly hit in your head would be quite interesting.

Because I remember being 15 and being very fixated with labels and designer clothing, but I forgive 
myself for being a quite simple minded teenager believing that social status is not only important but 
also achieved through expressing affluence by having a tiny crocodile patched on your left chest. 
But we are not teenagers anymore. 
(some of us are. I'd like to think they weren't 15 years ago though) 
but what happens if we don't change this view of stating class differences? 
I guess if we never stopped being idiots we remain idiots. 

the greatest piece of advice on waiting ever said

"If somebody doesn't like or respect you after fucking you on the first date,
waiting three more dates isn't going to help."

hiphop circles

If you end up among hiphopers and they start to quiz you and name 
drop various rappers to see how much of a 'real' fan you are. 
It's time to leave, your reflection of me a true fan or not is 
of absolutely no importance to me whatsoever. 


When you tell people that you like Die Antwoord and somebody goes
"yeah they're weird though"
Yes. They are. 
Sorry, exactly what do you want me to do with this information? 

weird convo in work

Me: Your hair looks nice today. 
Colleague: What a weird thing to say. 
Me: Is it? 
Colleague: *hysteric laughter fit* SUUCH a weird thing. 

pet hate

people who excuse their - shitty - behaviour with "this is just the way I am."
So fucking what. 
I could also choose to behave really badly and rude to people because
it might benefit me but I won't because, well because it's rude.
This can often be applied to people who are late 
"I'm always late"
well, if you know you're always late then maybe try to change this instead
of being disrespectful of my time? 


'Breaking News:
Russell Brand Speaks out'
That's like the opposite of Breaking News

convo with Collie

Me: But she had a boyfriend
Him: Sure, don't we all..

Here, have 3 old photos of me

Hair. Grow back. 
Everything is forgiven. 


Min profilbild


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