oldie but goodie from 2011

(and yeah, I'm selfinduging it to the flip now)

convo with big J

me: the theme could be glitter and explosions. With an infusion of something else. Steam punk! A glitterinfused steampunk new years party.
Him: Emma, that's not a theme that's just a few words that you like in a row.

more importantly

don't say:
"Is it just me, or is everyone pregnant?"
When you mean that it seems to you that everyone is pregnant.
It won't come out the way you had intended it to.


I'm gonna blame my extreme annoyance on the fact that I was happy yesterday.
Or that I'm gonna fly tonight and I hate the hassle around flying.
I wanna lie on the floor and drink whiskey.
But I am unsure of how work would appriciate that.

that terrifying moment

When you post something on Facebook you thought was funny and
you are desperately waiting for the like of approval.
Yes yes, you are great.
And hilarious.

last night

Insomnia at 4am and felt stressed without knowing why and then got stressed
because I was stressed without knowing why I was stressed.
And my cuticles are dry.

I think I've figured out how to handle work

them: blahblahblah, what you think about that?
me: well, I think if I cared I'd be more upset but I don't care and I'm not upset.

this old photo of me from 2007

That year that
I lived on rice cakes, raves and exercise.
Healthier combinations have been done.


I was happy yesterday and today I have a cold and feel generally miserable.
Nature's way of punishing me for thinking
"ah sure yano, maybe life ain't too bad"


Walking down the street and some homeless drunk dude stopped and asked for money,
said sorry and moved on when he started hurling abuse at us and the way we looked.
Cause he might be a homeless substance abuser, but at leats he is not
a woman who is not living up to modern beauty standards.
(my words, not his)

you know people in work hate you when

you asks whether or not "You can treat them to a lovely bit of carrot"
and they just blankly stare at you.
And your carrots.

last thursday

I'd be lying if I didn't say most of my day was mainly spent sending people pictures of
a swimmingsuit and a pair of sunglasses I was planning on wearing in Barcelona.

as mentioned before

My blogging hasn't been up to scratch today.
The main reason being that very few things has annoyed me during the day. Blame it on the weather or my upcoming mini holiday perhaps, but I am considering a doctors visit.   

brain freeze - this doesn't happen often

I don't know what to write about.
So far nothing has pissed me off today.
This is weird.

today is a good day

And I'm listening to this.

Belfast and Kara Walker exhibition




Min profilbild


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