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people people people

"I'm not being mean but... "
but no you are, just because you're stating that you aren't doesn't
take away from anything else that you will say after that if it will be
(which it most likely will be) mean. 

hardest thing ever

The word neccesarily.
I will never learn how to spell it.  

Can I just say

there is a blog called sexytofu for awesome things such as tofu and sex 
(not necessarily together. Actually not together at all) 
Life is now complete. 

you know

Can't see myself listening to anything else this week. 


The Garth Brooks situation is very similar to how every time being
in a restaurant sounds like 

"I'll have, I won't have this, or.. yeah I'll deffo have it, maybe I'll have some of it - actually I'll have all of it, if I can't have all of it I don't any of it, NO WAIT I won't have anything,or maybe some but then again... "

truth to be told

I'm not mad about kids. 
It's not that I dislike them, it's just that I very little to say to them. 
And the only baby pictures I find adorable are the ones that also contains animals in them, 
which sort of makes me think that maybe it's the animal as oppsed to the child that I find adorable. 

here have a picture.

I photobombed my own picture. 

the paradox

Now and then I get an e-mail from my gym where they tell me that they think I'm great
(thank you kindly, I already knew that but it's good with confirmation now and then), once
I'm in there, however, they barely say hello to me. I'm not sure how to confront this
hot/cold game they seem to be playing with me. 

Garth Brooks p.2

1. Half of my Irish Facebook friends seemed to have gotten tickets
to the Garth Brooks gig and are devastated that it is not happening,
the other half aren't into his music and therefor apparently thinks he "should be shot" (rational) 
2. It's almost as if people have different taste in music but yet seem unable to respect that. 
3. To be fair, his ultimatum of "I'm playing 5 gigs or nothing" must be the twattiest thing in the world 
since Kanye West said something twatty (love Kanye West though) 

irish daily garth

In regards to the cancelled Garth Brooks gigs, The Irish Daily Star's described it on their front page as;

"The day the music died"

I'd hate it if the tabloids started to exaggerate.

thing is

When discussing qoutas for women in workplaces people always start shouting 
about "best person for the job" completely missing that 
there has been qoutas for men in the workplace since people started bleeding working. 

something myself and Big J agreed on in like 2008

This was posted in 2008 (but discussed waaaay before that many a times). 

Glad to know I've always been an angry one; 

old favourite - The 3 rules of life

This has been posted before but is well worth repeating!

The 3 rules of life

Now, due to circumstances I haven't found a convinient time before to write down the 3 most important rules of life. The way of being. Now many drunken night Jakob and I have discussed this and I just wanted it written down in words. Here it is: 

1. Never appriciate the small things in life. 
Kind of says itselves doesn't it? You know people who go "ah I appricitate small things in life? What the fuck? I want big, noisy, fast things. If you're gonna party you might aswell dance on the tables right? If you want a calm evening, fine but then better make it brilliant. Cause it'll still be memoriable unless you're one of the people that "appriciates the small things in life."

2. Never hang around people that are cool and nice "once you get to know them".  
And who could be bothered to hang around with dull people til once they open up? How long is that gonna take? A year? He's not a bit shy, he's irrelevant. 

3. Never talk to anybody for longer then 5 minutes at parties
Because you'll leave a hell of an impression on the person you're talking to (unless you're a person that appriciates the small things in life or are fun once they get to know you). Also if the person is boring, its exactly long enough for you to entertain them and yourself (cause at the end of the day you're pretty fucking funny).

yo bro

'bromance' because the idea of two men being good friends is just too hard to grasp.

just saying

Saying 'men and women can't be friends' is like saying

"people can't like cats,cause I don't like cats".



Also,who the flip doesn't like cats?


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